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  • 17 titles prior to 2017
  • Glimpses of an Uncharted Life by Richard Shriver, 2017
  • Who Are Her People? The Life and Family of Louise Maynard Hoskins by Rebecca H. Goodwin, 2018
  • Families: Where We Each Begin by Randal Teague, 2019
  • The Bensingers: The Two-Hundred-and-Fifty-Year History of a German-Jewish Family by Karl Britz and Ethan Bensinger, 2020
  • Love and Valor: Intimate Civil War Letters between Captain Jacob and Emeline Ritner, Revised Edition by Charles Larimer, 2021
  • Scared Fearless: An Unlikely Agent in the US Secret Service by Kathryn Clark Childers, 2021



  • 62 titles prior to 2019
  • Accounting For Canadians For Dummies, 3rd Edition, 2019
  • Paralegal Career For Dummies, 2nd Edition, 2019
  • Functional and Funded: Securing Your Nonprofit's Assets From The Inside Out by Harvey B. Chess, 2019
  • How to Manage Disruptive Change: Leadership, Vision, Technology, Talent by Bob Shafto, 2019
  • Accounting For Canadians For Dummies, 3e, 2019
  • Grab the Dream: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Wealth Management by David Engen, 2019
  • What Should I Do with My 401k? Should I Buy an Annuity? by Tim Clairmont, 2019
  • Ski Inc. 2020: Alterra counters Vail Resourts; mega passes transform the landscape; the industry respond and flourishes. For skiing? a North American Renaissance by Chris Diamond with Andy Bigford, 2019
  • Planetary Mine: Territories of Extraction under Late Capitalism by Martin Arboleda, 2019
  • Coaching Public Service Leaders: Seven Practices Good Leaders Master by John Lybarger, 2019
  • Cybersecurity For Dummies, 2019
  • 12 Steps to Excellence: How to Build a Great Team by Clarence Crouch, 2019
  • Retirement Planning For Dummies by Wiley & Sons, 2020
  • The Perfect Leadership Triad: How Top Executives Maximize Productivity through People, Coaching, and Performance by Eric Turbiville, 2020
  • Aid Donor Collaboration, Organizational Behavior, and Aid Flow Predictability: Not Your Father's Bureaucracy by David Bell, 2020
  • Joan Garry's Guide to Nonprofit Leadership: Because Nonprofits Are Messy, 2nd edition by Joan Garry, 2021
  • Think Big Scale Fast: The Marketing Scaleur's Secrets to Successfully Growing a Business by Jolien Demeyer, 2021
  • Becoming European: Challenges for Georgia in the 21st Century by Vladimer Papava, 2021
  • CompTIA Security+ Review Guide by Wiley, 2021
  • Erickson Methodology for Enterprise Architecture, Volume 1 by Douglas Erickson, 2021
  • Tribomaterials: Properties and Selection for Friction, Wear, and Erosion Applications by Kenneth G. Budinski and Steven T. Budinski, 2021
  • The Employee-Centric Manager: Eight Keys to People-Management Effectiveness by Jack Wiley, 2021


Computers (see Science/Technology)



  • 9 titles prior to 2017
  • My Epicurean Memories by J. Matthew Gaglione, 2017
  • Making Good Food Great: Umami and the Maillard Reaction by John Griffin and Jeff Gold, 2017
  • Essentials for Food Safety: The Fight against Microorganisms by Roger Rudder, 2017
  • Gourmet Confessions of a Supermodel by Jean Philippe Laplagne, 2018
  • 3 Ingredients or so ... Easy, Health, Everyday Cooking by Tamila Urazayeva, 2019







  • 29 titles prior to 2018
  • Managing Type 2 Diabetes For Dummies, 2018
  • Navigating Your Later Years For Dummies, 2018
  • Harmonized Aromatherapy for Season Wellness by Shanti Dechen, 2018
  • Ageless Mirror Athlete: Overweight and Unfit No More by Marc Woodard, 2019
  • Aromatherapy for Menopause Success: 100 Essential Oil Recipes to Reclaim Your Vibrancy by Angela Sidlo, 2019
  • Mental Health Strong: A Christian's Guide to Walking Resiliently alongisde Your Spouse with a Mental Health Condition by Erin Ramachandran, 2019
  • Trail Guide to the Body: Quick Reference to Stretch & Strengthen by Andrew Biel, 2019
  • Trail Guide to the Body: Quick Reference to Trigger Points by Andrew Biel, 2019
  • Getting On with Your Life with MS: A Guide to Taking Charge of Your Health by Nancy Mayo, 2019
  • Trail Guide to Movement: Building the Body in Motion, Second Edition by Andrew Biel, 2019
  • Moon's Breath and Magick: A Semiautobiographical Anthology of International Goddesses by Lynn Capani-Czebiniak, 2020
  • Astrology For Dummies, 3rd edition by Wiley & Sons, 2020
  • Key Strategies for Cancer Prevention: Options to Make You Stay Healthy and Happy by Hui Xie-Zukauskas, 2020
  • Applied Anatomy & Physiology for Manual Therapists, Second Edition by Pat Archer and Lisa Nelson, 2021
  • Your Journey beyond Breast Cancer: Tools for the Road by Louis B. Lubin 2021
  • Functional Anatomy for Occupational Therapy by Nathan Short, Joel Vilensky, and Carlos A. Suarez, 2021


History (see also Social Sciences/History)

  • 8 titles prior to 2017
  • This Is the Rat Speaking: Black Power and the Promise of Racial Consciousness at Franklin and Marshall College in the Age of the Takeover, 1967-69 by Todd M. Mealy, 2017
  • Refusal to Submit: Roots of the Vietnam War and a Young Man's Resistance by Richard Gould, 2017
  • Still Changing, Still Home: Northampton County since the 1950s by Glenn Kranzley, 2017
  • Warriors in Mr. Lincoln's Army: Native American Soldiers Who Fought in the Civil War by Quita Shier, 2017
  • Old Gods, New Enigmas: Marx's Lost Theory by Mike Davis, 2018
  • Reclaiming the Black Past: The Use and Misuse of African American History in the Twenty-First Century by Peri Gaglo Dagbovie, 2018
  • City of Segregation: One Hundred Years of Struggle for Housing by Andrea Gibbons, 2018
  • Traitors or Patriots? A Story of the German Anti-Nazi Resistance, Revised Edition by Louis Eitscher, 2018
  • America in the United States and the United States in America by Gabriel Moran, 2018
  • Promises of Betrayals: The History That Shaped the Iranian Shia Clerics by Fazle Chowdhury, 2018
  • Stone Men: The Palestinians Who Built Israel by Andrew Ross, 2019
  • Super Continent: The Logic of Eurasian Integration by Kent E. Calder, 2019
  • The Management of Savagery: How America's National Security State Fueled the Rise of Al Qaeda, ISIS, and Donald Trump by Max Blumenthal, 2019
  • Workers and Capital by Mario Tronti, 2019
  • Comintern Aesthetics edited by Amelia Glaser and Steven Lee, 2020
  • Communists and Community: Activism in Detroit's Labor Movement, 1941-1956 by Ryan S. Pettengill, 2020
  • Radical Hamilton: Economic Lessons from a Misunderstood Founder by Christian Parenti, 2020
  • Love and Valor: Intimate Civil War Letters between Captain Jacob and Emeline Ritner, Revised Edition, by Charles Larimer, editor, 2021



  • The Expert Expert by Douglas Field, 2013
  • The Critical Legal Studies Movement by Robert Unger, 2015
  • The Jurisprudence of Sport: Sports and Games as Legal Systems by Mitchell N. Berman and Richard D. Friedman, 2021





  • 20 titles prior to 2017
  • Fourteen Days to Amazing Health by Dona Cooper Dockery, 2017
  • When Bad Backs Happen to Good People: It's Not All in Your Head  by Jordan Fersel, 2017
  • Patient-Centered Cure Assessment: A Methodology to Assess Whether Medical Interventions Succeed in Curing Individual Patients by James R. Miller III, Mohammed Kashani-Sabet, and Richard W. Sagebiel, 2017
  • The New Threat of Type 3 Diabetes: Connecting High Blood Sugar Levels to Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease by Alan Raguso, 2018
  • The Texas Meningitis Epidemic (1911-1913): Origins of the Meningococcal Vaccine by Margaret O'Leary and Dennis O'Leary, 2018
  • The Kansas City Meningitis Epidemice (1911-1913): Violent and Not Imagined by Margaret O'Leary and Dennis O'Lear, 2019
  • A Massage Therapist's Guide to Pathology by Ruth Werner, 2019
  • Medical Error, Ethics, and Apology by Richard Boudreau, 2020
  • Pharmaceutical Ethics and Health Care Access by Richard Boudreau, 2021
  • Ebola's Evolution: Turning Despair to Deliverance: A Road Map for COVID-19 by Michael Oldstone and Madeline Oldstone, 2021
  • Nanotechnology in Medicine: Toxicity and Safety edited by Mahendra Rai, Mrunali, Patel, and Rashmin Patel, 2022
  • In Silico Dreamby Wiley, 2021
  • Functional Anatomy for Occupational Therapy by Nathan Short, Joel Vilensky, and Carlos A. Suarez-Quian, 2021


Media/Popular Culture/Entertainment





  • I'm Tim Maude, and I'm a Soldier by Stephen Bower, 2015
  • Ready for Sea: The History of the U.S. Navy Supply Corps by Jeffrey L. Rodengen, 2015



  • 3 titles prior to 2010
  • Heaven is For Animals Too: Hope and Comfort for Believers and Skeptics by Melinda Cerifano, 2015
  • With Dogs at the Edge of Life by Colin Dayan, 2015









  • 45 titles prior to 2018
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript For Dummies, 2018
  • Android Phones & Tablets For Dummies by Dan Gookin, 2018
  • Philosophy of Engineering, East and West edited by Carl Mitcham, 2018
  • Beginning Programming with Python For Dummies, 2nd edition, 2018
  • Substantive Theory and Constructive Measures: A Collection of Chapters and Measurement Commentary on Causal Science by Mark Stone and Jack Stenner, 2018
  • iMac For Dummies 10th edition by Mark Chambers, 2018
  • Spectacular Flops by Michael Schiffer, 2018
  • Python Machine Learning by Wiley & Sons, 2019
  • CliffsNotes Earth Science Quick Review, 2nd Edition, 2019
  • Why Are We Here: The Story of the Origin, Evolution, and Future of Life on Our Planet by Bruce Brodie, 2019
  • Machine Learning with Spark and Python, Wiley & Sons, 2019
  • Zoom For Dummies, Wiley & Sons, 2020
  • Implementing Cryptography Using Python, Wiley & Sons, 2020
  • Machine Learning for Time Series Forecasting with Python, Wiley, 2021
  • Breaking Things at Work: The Luddites Are Right About Why You Hate Your Job by Gavin Mueller, 2021
  • AWS Certified Big Data Study Guide, Wiley, 2021
  • PowerShell 7 for IT Pros, Wiley, 2021
  • Visual Studio Code for Python Programmers, Wiley, 2021
  • Who Owns the Wind: Climate Crisis and the Uncertain Hope of Renewable Energy by David McDermott Hughes, 2021
  • Slaying Digital Dragons: Tips and Tools for Protecting Your Body, Brain, Psyche, and Thumbs from the Digital Dark Side by Alex J. Packer, 2021
  • Space Forces: A Critical History of Life in Outer Space by Fred Sharmen, 2021
  • Fight Fire with Fire: Proactive Cybersecurity Strategies for Today's Leaders edited by Renee Tarun, 2021




Social Sciences/History

  • 47 titles prior to 2018
  • Europe's Fault Lines: Racism and the Rise of the Right by Liz Fekete, 2018
  • Mistaken Identity: Race and Class in the Age of Trump by Asad Haider, 2018
  • Life Under Corporate Rule: How Democracy Dies by Gene Strandberg, 2017
  • Ugly Differences: Queer Female Sexuality in the Underground by Yetta Howard, 2018
  • Work: The Last 1,000 Years by Andrea Komlosy, 2018
  • Latinx: The X Factor in America's Race Debate by Ed Morales, 2018
  • Betraying Big Brother: The Feminist Awakening in China by Leta Hong Fincher, 2018
  • Trying for Peace: Self-Actualization and World Federalism by Joseph Sassoon, 2018
  • Rebranding China: Contested Status Signaling in the Changing Global Order by Xiaoyu Pu, 2018
  • Foucault's Analysis of Modern Governmentality by Thomas Lemke, 2018
  • Toward Self-Sufficiency: A Community for a Transition Period by George Hunt, 2018
  • The New Faces of Fascism: Populism and the Far Right by Enzo Traverso, 2018
  • Full Surrogacy Now: Feminism Against Family by Sophie Lewis, 2019
  • Tragic Investment: How Race Sabotages Communities and Jeopardizes America's Future--and What We Can Do About It by Roscoe James Addington Jr., 2019
  • Urban Planning in Planet Earth's Tragedy of the Commons by Richard Bolan, 2019
  • The US Antifascism Reader edited by Bill V. Mullen and Christopher Vials, 2019
  • Billionaire Wilderness: The Ultra-Wealthy and the Remaking of the American West by Justin Farrell, 2020
  • Marx: Towards the Centre of Possibility by Kojin Karatin, 2020
  • Disobey!: A Guide to Ethical Resistance by Frédéric Gros, 2020
  • Feminist International: How to Change Everything by Veronica Gago, 2020
  • Defending Trump: A Debate on the Trump Presidency by Stephen Barry and Marc Z. Lieberman, 2020
  • The Rise & Decline of Patriarchal Systems: An Intersectional Political Economy by Nancy Folbre, 2021
  • Capitalism and the Camera: Essays on Photography and Extraction by Kevin Coleman and Daniel James, eds., 2021
  • The World in a Grain of Sand: Postcolonial Literature and Radical Universalism by Niwedit Majumda, 2021
  • Neither Vertical nor Horizontal: A Theory of Political Organisation by Rodrigo Nunes, 2021
  • Feminist Antifascism: Counterpublics of the Common by Ewa Majewska, 2021
  • Health Freedom: The Greatest Freedom of All by Diane Miller, 2021
  • The $16 Taco: Contested Geographies of Food, Ethnicity, and Gentrification by Pascale Joassart-Marcelli, 2021
  • Investigative Aesthetics: Conflict and Commons in the Politics of Truth by Matthew Fuller and Eyal Weizman, 2021
  • A World Without Police: How Strong Communities Make Cops Obsolete by Geo Maher, 2021



  • 5 before 2018
  • Game-Changing Coach: Mindful Strategies for Peak Performance by Mary Schumann, 2018
  • Ski Inc. 2020: Alterra counters Vail Resorts; mega passes transform the landscape; the industry respond and flourishes. For skiing? a North American Renaissance by Chris Diamond with Andy Bigford, 2019
  • Sport and Moral Conflict: A Conventionalist Theory by William J. Morgan, 2020
  • The Jurisprudence of Sport: Sports and Games as Legal Systems by Mitchell N. Berman and Richard D. Friedman, 2021


Technology (see Science/Technology)