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Computers (see Science/Technology)










History (see also Social Sciences/History)



  • The Expert Expert by Douglas Field, 2013
  • The Critical Legal Studies Movement by Robert Unger, 2015





  • 18 titles prior to 2016
  • The Cannabis Revolution: What You Need to Know by Stephen Holt, 2016
  • Well-Child Care in Infancy by William Pittard, 2016
  • Fourteen Days to Amazing Health by Dona Cooper Dockery, 2017
  • When Bad Backs Happen to Good People: It's Not All in Your Head  by Jordan Fersel, 2017
  • Patient-Centered Cure Assessment: A Methodology to Assess Whether Medical Interventions Succeed in Curing Individual Patients by James R. Miller III, Mohammed Kashani-Sabet, and Richard W. Sagebiel, 2017


Media/Popular Culture/Entertainment

  • 10 titles prior to 2016
  • Movie Magic by Bill O'Hare, 2016
  • The BBC: Myth of a Public Service by Tom Mills, 2016
  • Canon EOS Rebel T6/1300D For Dummies by Julie Adair King, 2016
  • Destructive Sublime: World War II in American Film and Media by Tanine Allison





  • I'm Tim Maude, and I'm a Soldier by Stephen Bower, 2015
  • Ready for Sea: The History of the U.S. Navy Supply Corps by Jeffrey L. Rodengen, 2015



  • 3 titles prior to 2010
  • Heaven is For Animals Too: Hope and Comfort for Believers and Skeptics by Melinda Cerifano, 2015
  • With Dogs at the Edge of Life by Colin Dayan, 2015









  • 37 titles prior to 2016
  • Dragon Professional Individual For Dummies, 5th edition by Stephanie Diamond, 2016
  • PowerPoint 2016 For Dummies by Doug Lowe, 2016
  • Excel 2016 For Dummies by Greg Harvey, 2016
  • Organic Chemistry I For Dummies, 2nd edition by Arthur Winter, 2016
  • Living on the Grid: The Fundamentals of the North American Electric Grids in Simple Language by William Thompson, 2016
  • Heartfelt Connections: How Animals and People Help One Another by Anne Beall, 2016
  • Zero Waste in the Best Place: A Personal Account and How-to Guide on Landfill-Free Living by Bradley Layton, 2017
  • Quick Books For Dummies 2018 by Stephen L. Nelson, 2017
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript For Dummies, 2018
  • Android Phones & Tablets For Dummies by Dan Gookin, 2018
  • Philosophy of Engineering, East and West edited by Carl Mitcham, 2018
  • Beginning Programming with Python For Dummies, 2nd edition, 2018
  • Substantive Theory and Constructive Measures: A Collection of Chapters and Measurement Commentary on Causal Science by Mark Stone and Jack Stenner, 2018




Social Sciences/History

  • 27 titles prior to 2016
  • Consciousness and Politics: From Analysis to Meditation in the Late Work of Eric Voegelin by Barry Cooper, 2016
  • Democracy and Political Ignorance: Why Smaller Government Is Smarter by Ilya Somin, 2016
  • Spiders of the Market: Ghanian Trickster Performance in a Web of Neoliberalism by David Donkor, 2016
  • How Did We Get Into This Mess? Politics, Equality, Nature by George Monbiot, 2016
  • What Is a People? by Alain Badious, Judith Butler, Georges Did-Huberman, Sadri Khiari, Jacques Ranciere, and Pierre Bourdieu, 2016
  • Birth, Death, and Religious Faith in an English Dissenting Community: A Microhistory of Nailsworth and Hinterland, 1695-1837 by Albion Urdank, 2016
  • Negotiating Languages: Urdu, Hindi, and the Definition of Modern South Asia by Walter N. Hakala, 2016
  • Democracy and Political Ignorance, Why Smaller Government Is Smarter by Ilya Somin, 2016
  • The Challenged Population: Understanding Intellectually and Developmentally Challenged Individualsby Abdul Gabisi, 2016
  • Rebel Crossings, New Women, Free Lovers and Radicals in Britain and America by Sheila Rowbotham, 2016
  • Machiavelli's Politics by Catherine H. Zuckert, 2017
  • Inalienable Rights versus Abuse: A Commonsense Approach to Public Policy by R. Q. Public, 2017
  • What's Working in Africa? Examining the Role of Civil Society, Good Governance, and Democratic Reform by Jesse Mongrue, 2017
  • Mirror for Humanity: A Concise Introduction to Cultural Anthropology by Conrad Kottak, 2017
  • Long Night of the Watchman by Vaclav Benda, 2017
  • The Zad and Notav: Territorial Struggles and the Making of a New Political Intelligence by Mauvaise Troupe, 2017
  • New Mayflower: Saving America through Secession and Refounding by Keith Simpson, 2017
  • Britain and Its Internal Others: 1750-1800 by Dana Y. Rabin, 2017
  • Alt-America: The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump by David Neiwert, 2017
  • Stop Falling for the Koeydoke: How the Lie of "Race" Continues to Undermine Our Country by Stephen Tillett, 2017
  • Europe's Fault Lines: Racism and the Rise of the Right by Liz Fekete, 2018
  • Mistaken Identity: Race and Class in the Age of Trump by Asad Haider, 2018
  • Life Under Corporate Rule: How Democracy Dies by Gene Strandberg, 2017
  • Ugly Differences: Queer Female Sexuality in the Underground by Yetta Howard, 2018
  • Work: The Last 1,000 Years by Andrea Komlosy, 2018
  • Latinx: The X Factor in America's Race Debate by Ed Morales
  • Betraying Big Brother: The Feminist Awakening in China by Leta Hong Fincher
  • Trying for Peace: Self-Actualization and World Federalism by Joseph Sassoon




Technology (see Science/Technology)