Judy works with authors and publishers to create back-of-book indexes for nonfiction books. There is nothing more useful to a reader of a nonfiction book than to have a comprehensive and intuitive index.

Authors are typically amazed (and appreciative) that a professional indexer so thoroughly represents their text in the index. They often “fall in love” with their book all over again when they see how richly a quality index expresses their hard work and knowledge.

  • A good index increases book sales. And satisfies readers.
  • An index serves as a map to the depth and breadth of content by giving readers multiple access points to that content.
  • An index also supports readers in finding and revisiting the content that they are interested in.

Judy is a member of the American Society of Indexing and has been indexing since 2008.

She indexes books in many fields, including: business/economics; science/technology; social science; psychology; self-improvement; biography/memoir; health/fitness/diet; and religion/spirituality. Click on PORTFOLIO to view Judy’s indexing portfolio and to access Amazon's Look Inside feature for examples of her indexes.




You’ve invested time and talent in creating your brochure … or your annual report … or your website … or your full-length book. You are now ready to print it or launch it online.

But wait just a moment and consider the value of having your content proofread.

  • Of having a fresh set of eyes review it
  • Of having a professional check for punctuation, grammar, spelling, and consistency of style

It’s amazing how invisible those nasty typos or inconsistencies can be to those who have worked on the content from its creation and through rounds of editing.

Proofreading will ensure that your words and formatting are correct and that your content creates the best possible impression on your readers.

Judy provides an easy-to-use proofreading report that points out all errors and suggests changes (with rationale, wherever appropriate)—changes which you then make in your original manuscript or final PDF proof.

Judy realizes that proofreading is the final step in the production process (or second-to-final step if your book will include an index) and that by the time a document is ready for proofreading, authors and publishers alike are impatient to have the final product. Judy accommodates her clients with speedy and accurate service.

Don’t shortchange your production process by skipping this essential finishing touch. You will be delighted with the result of proofreading, and, consequently, confident in sending your content out into the world.